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Introducing Arterton

Arterton have rapidly achieved a reputation for supplying the finest hangers, garment bags, shoe care and wardrobe care products to an international clientele.

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British Motor Yacht Show 2024

Registration is now open for the annual British Motor Yacht Show, set to grace Premier Marina's Swanwick Marina in Hampshire from Thursday 16th May to Sunday 19th May 2024.

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The Ace DB

  To Aston Martin aficionados, the chance to travel at breakneck speed in something with the initials DB adorning the bodywork is an exciting prospect....

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John Smedley: The World's Finest Knitwear

  The brand that has been worn by everyone, from James Bond to Superman, has an incredible history. Peter Nightingale (related to Florence), and his...

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Your Very Own Great Escape

  On July 20th, 1963, an all-time classic movie was released. For gentlemen of a certain age, The Great Escape remains a favourite film, and...

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007 Ways to Wear a Roll Neck

  The John Smedley fine-gauge roll neck sweater is arguably the most versatile garment you could ever own. It is both smart, and casual, and...

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The Persuaders: Aston v Ferrari

The Persuaders was a wildly popular British television series, filmed between May 1971 and June 1972, starring Roger Moore and Tony Curtis. Moore played the...

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Sightseeing in Soho with Ed Scarlett

Our models, Scarlett and Amir, kindly presented the latest collection of Ed Scarlett spectacle frames and sunglasses in their natural habitat, Soho. Edward Scarlett opened...

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Beautifying the Beautiful with Brexton Bespoke Luggage

The launch of the E-Type Jaguar in Geneva (1961) Following its introduction in March 1961, Enzo Ferrari is quoted as saying, "Jaguar's E-Type is the...

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Real-Life Succession

To commemorate Father's Day, Flora Macdonald Johnston, Head of Editorial at Appear Here Magazine, interviewed David and Elliot Mason in their new Soho store to...

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Billy Fiske: The American Who Died For England

  William "Billy" Fiske was born on 14th June 1911 in Chicago, the son of a wealthy banking family whose ancestors had gone to America from...

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A Fan of Flannel

  Sean Connery's Bond was a fan of flannel. Throughout his tenure as the world's favourite secret agent, Connery worked the soft woollen cloth into...

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VIDEO: Travelling in Style with Métier

  As part of the launch of Métier London, the understated leather goods brand that’s unequivocally in its own league in today’s luxury world, David...

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A Trilogy of Topcoats for Under Cover Spies

    A recent Bonhams sale, featuring "The Personal Collection" of Sir Roger Moore, auctioned what is arguably the most iconic piece of his entire...

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Girl Power

  Aubrey Automobiles has announced the completion of ‘Aubrey 001’, a bespoke restoration of a 1973 Land Rover Series III 109 station wagon. Designed for...

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Rallying the return of Motoluxe & the Teddy Bear Coat

British brand Motoluxe was established at the dawn of the automobile age, designing and making products to keep winter motorists warm, dry and comfortable.  ...

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An Introduction to Sliding

Illustrating the thrills and spills of sliding As a prelude to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, I volunteered (in a moment of madness) to travel...

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VIDEO: Motoluxe in St Moritz

  In order to test the warmth, comfort and durability of Motoluxe Performance Tailoring, Ollie Mason, the youngest member of the Mason & Sons team,...

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BSA is Back: A Star is Reborn

  One of the highlights of the 007 movie "Thunderball" was the sight of leather-clad Bond girl Fiona Volpe (played by Luciana Paluzzi) astride a...

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Semi-Plain James

Sinclair fitting Connery with a midnight blue dinner suit for his upcoming role as 007 (1962) In addition to the iconic midnight blue dinner suit,...

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Men's File Magazine meets Mr Fish

Since 2008, the cult magazine Men's File has explored the authentic roots of men's style. The founder, photographer and author, Nick Clements recently popped into...

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Imagine a Place Like This

The London home of Mason & Sons has a rich history, as demonstrated by the blue plaque on the exterior wall of the building that...

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BMW 507: The Car That Almost Killed The Company

  Founded in 1912 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, the company that now produces over 2 million cars per annum, almost failed to survive...

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Back to Work: How Elvis Made His First Comeback

  On March 24, 1958, Elvis Presley was drafted into the US Army. The Pentagon had presented Presley with the opportunity to join 'Special Services'...

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Toyota 2000GT: The Rarest Bond Car

  With rarity being a function of exclusivity, it is argued by some (including Daniel Craig) that the most desirable Bond car is not an...

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Second Life: A recreation from You Only Live Twice

  Sean Connery had a relatively small wardrobe of tailored clothing in the 1967 James Bond film, "You Only Live Twice", but the two-piece French...

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An Aston Fit For A King

    The DB2 was the first Aston Martin to wear new owner David Brown’s initials, and in later DB2/4 specification it was offered with...

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Three Ways to Wear Velvet

Jimi Hendrix outside his home (1968) The 'Homage to Hendrix' collection of plush velvet tailoring and printed silk shirts, recently released by Mr Fish, inspired...

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First Love: Porsche 356 Series

1958 Porsche 356A Speedster You may not recall the name of the person who stole your heart as a child, but you can probably remember...

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Mr Fish: Homage to Hendrix

  Had he lived, American rock musician Jimi Hendrix would have celebrated his 80th birthday on November 27th, 2022. He had been a customer of...

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Lotus Blossoms

Lotus Type 62-2 at Mason & Sons HQ (Photo: Alex Vincenti) A most exotic and unusual guest recently arrived at the London headquarters of Mason...

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The Neapolitan Cut: A New Chapter

We’re incredibly excited to introduce the Neapolitan Cut, a new line of tailoring from Pope & Bradley. David and Elliot Mason took the opportunity to...

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