Going Underground

Following a spring clean of the car collections hosted by Mason & Sons, we have now reopened "The Garage" with, ahem… a garage.

Whether you own a single, cherished historic vehicle, or a fleet of modern supercars, a vital consideration is where, and how, these prized possessions should be stored. London-based design group Jonathan Clark Architects have created a new division to help connoisseur collectors bury their treasure.


Buried treasure

Garage Deluxe was established by Jonathan Clark and his partners to find innovative ways of cosseting collections of precious automotive metal at the owner’s homes, rather than in distant, dusty lockups. These are ambitious projects that can involve the excavation of tonnes of earth in order to create the ultimate man-cave.


Garage Deluxe move heaven and earth for their clients

The company recently unveiled their latest creation, heralded as the epitome of underground luxury for the discerning car collector – a subterranean sanctuary capable of housing up to twenty-five cars in a meticulously controlled environment.



The Garage Deluxe concept was designed to nestle beneath the scenic landscapes of a Swiss estate, discreetly concealed beneath a graceful, curved glass pavilion. A grand hydraulic hatch, seamlessly integrated into the manicured lawn at the end of a driveway, grants access to the secret space.


Welcome to the lair

Once inside, a semi-circular ramp runs down into a luxurious lair, with walls clad in wood and exposed concrete, and daylight streaming in through skylights set flush with the grounds above. Think of the space as an ultra-sophisticated underground car park, with all the rough edges polished to perfection and a high-powered ventilation system extracting the exhaust fumes.


Beauty paraded from all angles

Fluted, tree-like concrete columns support the structure, while the circular roof lights are positioned above revolving turntables that help the owner manoeuvre and display their car collection. There’s also space for entertaining, set on a mezzanine level offering a birds-eye view of the motorcars, together with all the accoutrements of a high-end basement conversion, including bar, wine cellar, and cinema room.


Room with a birdseye view

Clark and his team have developed several more structures in a similar vein under the banner of Garage Deluxe. These include basement extensions, barn conversions, and modernist pavilions.

Click here to view the Garage Deluxe purveyor page and peruse more projects.

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