Amalgam Collection: The World's Finest Model Cars


Emerging from the fertile grounds of architecture and product design, Amalgam Collection has ascended in the past decade to become the paragon of model car craftsmanship on a global scale.


Aston Martin DB5 Vantage - 1:8 Scale

Renowned automotive artisans from across the globe have found their way to Amalgam's headquarters in Bristol, nestled in England's storied South West. This city, famed for its aerospace legacy epitomised by Concorde, and the civil engineering marvels of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, harbours a rich tradition of innovation.


Lamborghini Miura P400 SV (1971) - 1:8 Scale

It is within this vibrant milieu of creativity and design that Amalgam was nurtured, blossoming from its modest origins in 1985 as a quartet of visionaries into the preeminent model car manufacturer it is today.


Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato - 1:8 Scale 

One of the founding partners, Sandy Copeman, steered the company into the prestigious realms of Formula 1 and luxury car modeling by 1995. Partnerships with Ferrari in 1998 and Ralph Lauren in 2010 marked significant milestones, inadvertently giving rise to the world’s first luxury model car brand.


Ferrari 250GT Lusso (1962) - 1:8 Scale

Copeman’s minimalist architectural design ethos, honed through collaborations with Lord Norman Foster during the '80s and '90s, fused seamlessly with the technical and engineering prowess that his son Leo brought to Amalgam’s evolving build processes. This synergy has ensured a continual procession of F1 teams and luxury car makers to Amalgam’s Bristol doors, confident in the firm’s ability to deliver models that satisfy the most exacting standards of their design and engineering maestros.


Ferrari F1-75 - 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix - 1:8 Scale 

The heart of Amalgam’s enterprise lies in the creation of impeccably detailed limited editions and bespoke models at a 1:8 scale. However, the company has also ventured into crafting singular masterpieces at grander scales for the owners of exceptionally rare and valuable automobiles.


Bespoke Ferrari "La Ferrari" (2013) 

Since the mid-1980s, Amalgam has embraced digital technology, pioneering the use of digital scanning to capture the essence of extraordinary classics with unmatched precision. This method has been employed to document Ralph Lauren’s collection at his New England ‘garage’ and during the 2010 exhibition of his cars at the Louvre’s Les Arts Décoratifs.



Bugatti Type 59 - created from a digital scan of Ralph Lauren's chassis 59122

Modern cars benefit from shared CAD designs from manufacturers’ design departments, resulting in models of staggering authenticity. An amusingly modest approval from a distinguished Italian manufacturer’s design team—“Stupenda! Questo modellino è fatto davvero bene, sembra vera!” ("Wonderful! This model is really pretty good, it looks real!")—serves as both an accolade and an impetus for Amalgam’s relentless pursuit of perfection.


Jaguar D-Type - 1956 Reims Winner - 1:18 Scale

As Amalgam scales new heights in the luxury market, it has also made its exquisite craftsmanship more accessible with a new 1:18 scale collection, allowing enthusiasts to own a piece of their artistry for under £1000. Moreover, the company is developing a series of miniature sculptures in collaboration with the Formula 1 Group, further broadening their esteemed repertoire.


Formula 1 Concept 2022 Miniature Sculpture


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