Mutt Motorcycles: A Mongrel with Pedigree

This British company, launched in 2013, has swiftly risen to prominence in the world of retro-styled motorcycles. Known for their vintage aesthetics, robust engineering, and accessible price points, Mutt Motorcycles have carved out a unique niche for themselves.


Mutt Motorcycle founder Benny Thomas (Photo: Sam Christmas)

The brainchild of Benny Thomas and Will Rigg, Mutt Motorcycles emerged from a passion for classic bikes and a desire to bring high-quality, stylish, and affordable motorcycles to the market. Benny Thomas, with a background in custom motorcycle building, wanted to create bikes that combined the timeless appeal of classic British motorcycles with modern reliability and performance.


Benny and one of his early Boneshaker Choppers (Photo: Sam Christmas)

Benny, who was schooled in fine art, developed a passion for custom motorcycles in his early teens and built his first bike at the age of fifteen. He went on to establish Boneshaker Choppers, customising everything from 1920’s Indian cut downs , to Harley Knuckles and Panheads, along with classic Brit iron. Over a 15 year period, Benny turned out some 180 individual builds, developing a reputation for creating the world’s best bespoke bikes.


The Gentleman Welder (Photo: Sam Christmas)

In 2013, Benny (who describes himself as “a motorcycle enthusiast, artist and gentleman welder”) turned his attention to a new project:

"I wanted to offer a bike that was still somewhat of a ‘custom’ but I also wanted it to be accessible, I’m used to building bikes that command high price tags mainly because of the parts but of course also due to the amount of hours they take to build, the Mutt had to be cheap, fun and kinda groovy."

… and groovy it most certainly was.


The Mutt "Mongrel" 125cc in Matt Black (Photo: Mutt Motorcycles)

The scrambler/brat style 125cc machine looked like a mini Triumph Bonneville. Christened the “Mongrel”, the original Mutt production bike was available in “any colour, as long as it’s black”. The concept had caught the attention of Benny’s Boneshaker customer Will Rigg who had a background in the fashion industry. Will partnered with Benny to help build the business and the brand, explaining the reason it was called a Mutt Mongrel is that, “it’s loads of different breeds, all mixed up”.


Benny Thomas & Will Rigg (Photo: Mutt Motorcycles) 

Will and Benny’s complimentary skills have created a potent partnership and a successful business, with annual production figures approaching 5 figures, and exports accounting for around 80% of sales. A new liquid-cooled model has recently been added to their line-up of 125cc and 250cc air-cooled options, and the company is considering the introduction of larger capacity engines. 


 The new liquid-cooled DRK-01 (Video: Mutt Motorcycles)

Mutt Motorcycles has successfully tapped into the growing demand for retro-styled motorcycles that offer a perfect blend of nostalgia and modernity. By focusing on quality, affordability, and community, Mutt has created a brand that resonates with both seasoned riders and newcomers to the world of motorcycling, and in doing so has created its very own pedigree.


Elliot Mason riding his Mutt "Hilts" Motorcycle at the Malle Beach Race.

Click here to view the entire Mutt Motorcycle range.

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