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Introducing Arterton

Arterton have rapidly achieved a reputation for supplying the finest hangers, garment bags, shoe care and wardrobe care products to an international clientele.

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British Motor Yacht Show 2024

Registration is now open for the annual British Motor Yacht Show, set to grace Premier Marina's Swanwick Marina in Hampshire from Thursday 16th May to Sunday 19th May 2024.

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Introducing Arterton: The Masters of Wardrobe Care

DESIDERATA (noun.): something to be desired, from mid-17th century Latin. Arterton define themselves as a London-based design atelier of sartorial and lifestyle "desiderata". They have...

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Going Underground

Following a spring clean of the car collections hosted by Mason & Sons, we have now reopened "The Garage" with, ahem… a garage. Whether you...

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Eye Spy: The Bespectacled Secret Agent

  Within the vast realm of spy fiction, a unique allure surrounds the archetype of the bespectacled secret agent. From the suave sophistication of James...

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James Bond and Sunseeker

As a naval commander, you'd expect 007 to know a thing or two about seafaring vessels. When it comes to motor yachts, British brand Sunseeker...

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The Thomas Crown Timepieces

Steve McQueen's "Thomas Crown" style didn't stop with the clothes, it extended to all facets of the film including the unusual and distinctive watches. The...

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Global Domination

The style elements encompassed in “The Thomas Crown Affair” run through the character’s wardrobe, garage, and his study (which is dominated by a magnificent globe)....

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Meyers Manx & The Thomas Crown Affair

  By the time Steve McQueen had accepted the leading role in "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1968), he had not only used his acting skills...

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Thomas Crown & The 007 Affair

Probably the most obvious connection between the fictional style icons James Bond and Thomas Crown is that Irish actor Pierce Brosnan has played both roles,...

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How the King of Cool was Crowned

The Thomas Crown Affair is often lauded as the most stylish film ever made. Screenwriter Alan Trustman had originally penned the story under the assumption...

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Corduroy's Tough Journey - From Manchester to Matera

Daniel Craig test-drives his corduroy suit on location in Matera, Italy (2019) From the dark satanic mills of Northern England to the rocky hills of...

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How to Colour Code Black Tie

  With party season not too far ahead of us, we thought it would be useful to run a review of the various options available...

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What to Wear Behind the Wheel of a DB5

J.B. with G.B. Aston One of the most popular outfits ever produced by Anthony Sinclair for Sean Connery has been recreated to form part of...

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Royal Mile: Going the Extra Yard for 007

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise, Anthony Sinclair has created a 60-piece collection of essential spy-wear to commemorate 60 years...

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007 Aston Martin Owners

From rock stars to royalty, the Aston Martin DB5 has gathered numerous notable owners throughout its 60 year history, seven of which we have listed...

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Up Periscope: Check This Out

  During the latter part of 2021, Anthony Sinclair introduced a Special Order version of the three-piece Glen Plaid suit, famously worn by Sean Connery...

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Introducing Linda Farrow

  Established in 1970, the Linda Farrow brand emerged swiftly into the limelight as a purveyor of high-end eyewear. Linda Farrow, herself a former fashion...

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Introducing: Oliver Goldsmith

  After almost a century in the optical industry, Oliver Goldsmith is a brand rooted in British heritage. With knowledge that has been passed down...

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Metal Underwear: Peter Sellers' Car Collection

  British movie legend Peter Sellers had a passion for cars that bordered on obsession. It is said that by the age of 39, he'd...

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How to look dashing in a blazer

  A man’s jacket is the sartorial equivalent of a lady’s handbag. They both offer style, status and a means of conveniently transporting personal belongings....

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The Canadian Tuxedo

  Dressing top to toe in denim has long been considered a fashion faux pas, but the oft-derided look can be applauded when worn raw...

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Peter Sellers: An Unlikely Style Icon

Peter Sellers wearing Oliver Goldsmith "Vice Consul" spectacles and Barleycorn Tweed Jacket In addition to his many attributes, and in contrast to the solemnity expressed...

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The Half Norfolk Gives your Wardrobe a Shot in the Arm

Sean Connery and his tailor return for Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Following a brief sabbatical from MI6, Sean Connery returned to play the role of...

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John "Paddy" Hemingway - The Last of The Few

  In a speech during the Battle of Britain in August 1940, Winston Churchill paid tribute to the pilots of the Royal Air Force, famously...

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Re-minted: Lightweight Suits for a Heavy Hitter

  During Sean Connery's tenure as the world's favourite secret agent, he often found himself assigned to missions in warm environments. Thankfully, he was able...

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A Brief History of Gentlemen’s Briefs

  If you are planning to build a comprehensive wardrobe of clothing that has got all bases covered, it makes sense to start at the bottom....

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For Your Eyes Only: Seiko's Precise Story

  In 1881, a young 22-year-old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, opened a clock repair shop in Japan. Thanks to his success, he founded his first factory...

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Keep Your Cool in a Loopback Sweatshirt

  The classic grey melange loopback sweatshirt has made an interesting journey from the track, to the street, and into the comfort of our homes....

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The Ace & The Alvis

  Having reflected on the life of WWII Spitfire flying ace Douglas "Dogsbody" Bader in a previous article, we thought we'd take a closer look...

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Famous International Playboys: The Sanders Chukka Boots

Steve McQueen undoubtedly earned his title as the “King of Cool”. Whatever he was wearing he seemed to exude an effortless sense of style. He...

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The waistcoat: A bulletproof investment

  Sometimes in life you need to look serious. The addition of a waistcoat to your suit makes a statement. It says you mean business....

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