the story

The Mutt founders spent over 15 years on the spanners, building hundreds of custom bikes.

Having handled everything from 1920's Indian cut downs, to Harley Knuckles and Panheads, along with classic Brit iron, allowed them to look at small cc motorcycles in a completely new light.

Working from the ground up, they knew they could be accessible and still deliver a classic style with strength and a true custom vibe, but on a leaner machine... a bike that would be easy to handle, quick to respond, and adaptable to almost any riding condition.

Mutt continues to grow at a rapid rate, developing new models, liquid-cooled engines and bigger cc’s, moving into international markets and developing a wider range of products from parts to apparel.


a mongrel with pedigree

This British company, launched in 2013, has swiftly risen to prominence in the world of retro-styled motorcycles.

Known for their vintage aesthetics, robust engineering, and accessible price points, Mutt Motorcycles have carved out a unique niche for themselves.


THE air-cooled 125cc range

mongrel 125cc matt black

The original Mutt. A down and dirty machine bred to be a city tool with a contemporary new-wave street-tracker vibe.

Whilst the Mongrel shares a lot of the classic lines and styling cues of vintage machines it has a dark side. There is no chrome or pretty paint.



Fancy jumping some barbed wire fences? Well maybe not, but this crossbreed has that edge of McQueen cool - in Matt Grey or Gloss Grey.

Hilts is now a perennial favourite in the Mutt family. Rolling on the same skeleton as the popular Mongrel, Hilts is smart, understated and pretty damn cool with a touch of underlying aggression.



Fat is where it's at. Where the Black Sabbath hit the gym every day our Sabbath did two hours of dead lifting then hit the town on a search for a Fray Bentos fix.

Like Ozzy in those first post-Sabbath benders.

Also available in super-slick Titanium Grey.



Rugged, Refined. Ready for adventure. Harvey Mushman has returned.

If you've followed Mutt from the beginning, you’ll remember the original Mushman.

Well, now it's back - re-styled in Titanium Grey or Matt Green, with a completely new attitude.



Beautifully brutalist with a custom-built feel you will only get with a Mutt Motorcycle.

The Akita looks like it could have been carved out of a solid block of hardest granite.

Undeniable Mutt DNA runs through the Akita front to back, but a few twists have been added to turn it into this ultimate pavement-pounding pooch.



What this bike will do is get you hacking round the city super-fast looking cool as f**k doing it.

The main difference with the FSR compared to other Mutt models is the new lightweight 17" cast wheels shod with mean road rubber.

This combo really lets you throw the FSR into the corners along with blasting the straight lines.



The big dog gets a makeover. The original Mastiff was designed to be a stand-out-from-the-crowd machine with the looks (and sound) to turn even the stiffest heads.

This year, the Mastiff is available in a rugged Matt Green. The large capacity matt finish tank, the aged brown diamond-stitched seat, and brushed aluminium details give the original heavy-hitter an all-new modern military-styled look.



Say hello (but don’t get too close) to the Razorback - it’s a vicious bugger.

Mutt Motorcycles has delivered another thump on the nose to the Motorcycle industry by releasing a snarling Razorback onto the city streets.

Featuring a brand new monoshock frame designed in-house at Mutt, the Razorback casts a different shadow to the company's fat bikes.



It’s all the fun and fury of a traditional Mutt but with classic brit-bike styling.

The GT-SS is the Mutt with longer distance riding in mind... saying that if you just wanna ride your GT-SS down to the pub and have a bit of a pose then that's cool too baby.



This little ripper shouts homebrew custom bike.

With all the hallmarks of a true custom, it sports really cool details from raw steel tank, narrow street tracker bars and fat knobbly tyres.

The beauty of this bike is that it is built for you, no need to spend months in the garage, all you gotta do is ride.


THE air-cooled 250cc range

mongrel 250cc matt black

The 250 Mongrel follows the same stylistic approach of the 125's, flat black, retro-styled and quite simply badass.

For those guys and girls who have started their road life on a 125 Mutt but have now moved on to a full license and want to retain the Mutt ethos of a supercool, lightweight retro bike then the Mongrel 250 is just the ticket.



Rolling on the same skeleton as our popular Mongrel, Hilts is the brother of the Sabbath, like that other Brummie brother Thomas Shelby - smart, understated and pretty damn cool with a touch of underlying aggression.

High rise cross braced bars and diamond pattern black grips sit the rider in an upright position perfect for jamming this machine through inner-city traffic or hammering around country lanes.



The original Sabbath, ran with the old adage that you could have it in any colour you wanted, as long is it was black. And we mean black.

But Mutt are always up for breaking the rules, even their own. 

The Fat Sabbath Titanium still has all the original Black Metal From Birmingham you expect from Mutt, but with a super-slick titanium grey tank.


MUSHMAN 250CC matt green

The Mushman is a scrambler take on the classic Mutt twin-shock bike, kitted out with all new upgrades; starting at the front, there's the classic 18" wheel with deep tread knobbly tyres, topped off with a stainless fork brace and an all-new high-rise mudguard mounted on an a combined aluminium headlight and fender mount.

The Mushman is the perfect blend of classic and modern. The refined utility of the Mushman is one that not only captures attention, it demands it. 


AKITA 250CC matt black/gold

The first thing that hits you firmly on the schnozz is that tank. That's 17 litres of rectangular goodness right there, and it gives the Akita a full-on super-pumped stance.

With such a big tank, Mutt made a new beautiful low-profile shortened custom tan seat that really helps showcase the mighty fuel vessel.


FSR 250CC cool gloss grey

When Mutt added the original all-black, low-down, street machine that is the FSR to their model line-up, they didn’t think they could make it any more beautiful. Turns out they could.

The gloss finish cool grey tank and panels on this new FSR have to be seen in the flesh (or, more appropriately, metal) to really be appreciated. And once you do, you will be hooked - this bike is that good.



Mutt have gone a step further with the detailing on the Mastiff.

Up front they have a super wide deep tread tyre wrapped around a black rim 18" with stainless spokes, cropped brushed aluminium mudguard, headlight grill and their beautiful stainless steel mini speedometer topped off with a set of anodised black Mutt bars.

Looks pretty neat eh?


RAZORBACK 250CC silver

The Razorback has an aggressive personality, and is a no-nonsense ride, with a different silhouette to our twinshock bikes. Like all of Mutt's creations, its frame is designed with classic and custom aspects in mind. There’s no nasty pressed aluminium here – just a beautiful simple rear loop and a solid tubular frame underneath our skinny custom tank.

The monoshock design makes this bike an energetic, in yer face performer.



To cook this one up, Mutt took all the pretty candy from our other Mutts, added some technical upgrades, and applied a dash of new styling. This all comes together to make the GT-SR one of the highest-spec bikes in their range.

The latest street bike addition; it's the perfect all-rounder with a low centre of gravity, a big capacity tank, and wide road tyres. All with that down-and-dirty Mutt DNA running right through its veins.


RS-13 250CC matt black

As with all our motorcycles, the RS-13 is true to Mutt form, lightweight, stripped down and cooler than a polar bears PJ's.

The Mutt RS-13 250 is a machine built for both fun and stylish commuting, light enough to throw around the city and fast enough for hacking down the motorway or blasting the A roads.


THE liquid-cooled range

drk-01 125cc matt black

The original Mutts were a take on classic machinery of the 60s and 70s with styling cues taken from various different bikes of the day, a mixture of all the coolest parts but with our own Mutt styling thrown in - a true Mongrel.

The DRK-01 is different, designed from the ground up with a nod to current custom motorcycle culture but with every single part being undoubtedly Mutt.

Central to the DRK-01’s evolution is its new 6-speed DOHC liquid-cooled engine. This upgrade is a leap forward in performance and reliability, allowing the DRK-01 to unleash its full potential without breaking a sweat.


drk-01 250cc matt black

Every part of the DRK-01 has been designed, prototyped and tested by Mutt’s engineers. From the twin downtube cradle frame to those beautiful wheels and everything in between.

The silhouette of the DRK-01 has been carefully considered; from side on, there is a clear line that runs from tip to tail making the bike look fast, even while standing still.

Mutt's ethos remains unchanged, their passion is true and their obsession with crafting beautiful motorcycles built with cool credibility and designed for experienced or new riders alike is still at the forefront.