Mason & Sons

Brown Herringbone Tweed Jacket


To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the release of film thriller, Bullitt (1968), we produced a classic tweed sport coat in homage to the iconic style worn by Steve McQueen in the movie.

The natural shoulder and "button 3 - roll 2" front fastening hark to classic Americana, whilst the side vents and outside ticket pocket are a nod to British styling.

The unique details are the suede elbow patches and simple, two-button cuff... supporting the philosophy that sometimes, "less is more".

Fabric: 9.5oz (320gm), 100% Wool, Woven in the UK

Style: Single breasted - 3 button (roll to 2), Straight side pockets, Narrow lapels, Outside ticket pocket, Out breast welt pocket, Side vents, Two button cuffs, Natural shoulder, Elbow patches

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