In response to requests from busy customers to expedite the process of creating a genuine bespoke suit, Anthony Sinclair now offers the Modern solution.

The initial client consultation involves taking detailed measurements before trying on various models to accurately assess figuration and customer preference.

A pattern is then cut and a "baste" prepared. After fitting, the garment is sent straight to finish, saving around one third of the time and cost of the Traditional service.  



Sinclair's continuing Traditional bespoke service is imbued with the values, practices and customs established over more than two centuries by Savile Row's tailoring community. 

Choice of style and detail is infinite. The customer's individual pattern is cut by master tailor Henry Rose, whose unrivalled career began on the Row in 1960.

Following the client's selection of cloth from a library of several thousand options, Henry executes the successive fittings whilst managing the team of highly skilled craftsmen, some of whom have worked for Sinclair for over 50 years.



To complement the Anthony Sinclair range of suits, a bespoke shirtmaking service is available, offering the same attention to detail found in the tailoring production.

The process is similar to that of being fitted for a suit. A consultation to determine cloth choice, style details and measurements is followed by the production of an individual pattern to create a sample shirt for approval.

As with all Sinclair products, the shirts are handmade in England, employing the best craftsmanship and highest quality materials available to deliver finesse and longevity.

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