Aston Martin DB5 Junior


From Goldfinger to No Time To Die, Bond has never been far from his Aston Martin DB5. This car has arguably been part of his DNA for over 50 years. Now, an exclusive partnership between Aston Martin, EON Productions and The Little Car Company brings you the Aston Martin DB5 Junior No Time To Die Edition.



Created at 66% scale of the original, with a fully electric powertrain, the DB5 has been reimagined for Bond fans worldwide. As an official Aston Martin model, the No Time To Die edition will pay homage to the rich history of the brand with Silver Birch paintwork, Smiths instruments, and individually numbered chassis plates. Complete with Aston Martin and 007 badging, this car is unmistakably Bond.



The DB5 Junior is designed to offer seating for an adult and child side by side, to allow all generations of Bond fans to share the love of driving.... and the gadgets.

Mini Guns

Found yourself in a tight spot? Need to make a fast getaway? You’re going to need some weaponry.

Back in 1964, Bond’s DB5 made do with twin .303-caliber machine guns popping out of the indicator lights. But times have changed, and bad guys are better equipped, so for No Time To Die, the Aston Martin has had an upgrade.



When the time is right, your headlights will drop to reveal twin mini guns ready to show your enemies who is boss. Unfortunately, Q forgot to leave any ammunition with the DB5 Junior, so let’s hope your foes are convinced by the noise and barrel flashes.

Cycling Digital Numberplate

Back in the Sixties, Bond’s DB5 relied on a set of front and rear revolving numberplates to attract less attention from untrustworthy characters.



For the latest movie, these have been upgraded to digital LCD numberplates, and these have been miniaturised to 66% scale for the DB5 Junior. Using the same hardware and software as the actual movie cars, these screens can even be customised for clients to display a message, video, or their own numberplate, this is deception at its best.

The Ultimate Disappearing Act

Just like the original car, the DB5 Junior: No Time To Die edition can produce a smokescreen to aid a successful getaway. Ejected through the rear ‘exhaust’, the smoke is fed from a supply with an hour’s capacity between top-ups, plenty to mask your escape.


Running Circles

As witnessed in the No Time To Die trailer, doughnuts come in handy when caught in a tight spot. The appropriately named ‘Skid Mode’ promises to disorientate any approaching villain.


Hidden Gadget Panel

And how do you operate the Gatling guns? Just as Bond himself did: the car’s gadgets will be engaged through a switch panel. Hidden in the passenger door trim are all the controls to activate Q’s handiwork, designed around those used in the actual movie car. Secret Agent power at the push of a button.



Exceedingly cunning and devilishly handsome. The DB5 Junior: No Time To Die edition displays exceptional craftsmanship, with each car being meticulously hand-built in the UK, just like the original DB5.

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