What to wear when playing around

Whilst the hi-tech fabrics used in contemporary golf apparel undoubtedly serve their purpose, they somehow lack the charm and elegance of traditional fine-gauge knitwear. Merino and cotton have been replaced by Lycra and polyester, and the original golf sweater has been driven from the course through the clubhouse and onto the streets. However, the overwhelmingly positive reaction to our re-issue of the burgundy Slazenger V-neck worn by Sean Connery in "Goldfinger" suggests there is still room in the modern man’s wardrobe for such pieces.

Sean Connery sporting Slazenger in Goldfinger (1964)

Our interest in elements of style led us to search through the archives to identify other natty knits that had been sported during the pre-Spandex era. Unsurprisingly, we soon stumbled upon a rather nice sky-blue cotton mock-turtleneck worn by Steve McQueen during the golf scene in "The Thomas Crown Affair". It had an interesting tipping detail on the ribbed neckline, which also ran along the top of the distinctive breast pocket. We liked it. We liked it a lot. So much so that we decided to recreate it.

Steve McQueen sporting mock-turtle in The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

In 1999, the film itself was recreated, with then-Bond actor Pierce Brosnan playing the leading role. When the moment arrived for him to swap his bespoke finery for golfing attire, Brosnan presented the character in a classic long-sleeved polo shirt. Given that bright colours are often favoured by golfers when swinging their clubs, Brosnan’s choice of solid black had a dramatic effect. We liked it, but there was no need to recreate it… for fine gauge classics in Sea Island cotton or Merino wool we turn immediately to John Smedley.

Pierce Brosnan sporting long-sleeved polo in The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

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