Men's File Magazine meets Mr Fish

Since 2008, the cult magazine Men's File has explored the authentic roots of men's style. The founder, photographer and author, Nick Clements recently popped into Montagu Square (with his camera) to investigate the relaunch of Mr Fish.

The following transcript is from Issue 27 of Men's File Magazine: released in Japan (Dec 2022 ) and Europe (Jan 2023).

Less than a mile from Clifford Street, a road off Savile Row and the location of the original Mr Fish boutique from 1966 to 1974, the house in which John and Yoko first lived together on Montagu Square is the new home of the label.


Elliot Mason in Mr Fish made-to-measure purple corduroy suit

Now owned by a stylish father and son team, David and Elliot Mason, the elegant Georgian building acts as an atelier of fine tailoring and the making of exquisite and highly flamboyant shirts.


Original vintage 1960s Mr Fish roll-collar shirt

A north London boy that apprenticed first at Turnbull & Asser in 1962, Michael Fish knew the importance of the fitting. However, his eponymous brand was far from the starched collars of Jermyn Street and his revolutionary approach to menswear caused a paradigm shift in the formalisation (but not popularisation) of underground dress.


The vintage shirt was made from black shadow-stripe Egyptian cotton

It seems clear that Mr Fish was an astute observer of the numerous underground scenes, which he was party to himself, and understood that a few outstanding individuals like Bowie and Jagger were ready to cut new ground in men’s fashion.


The roll collar is created with a zip-up arrangrment at the back of the neck

Famously, the Rolling Stones’ lead singer wore a white Mr Fish ensemble during their Hyde Park concert of 1969 and then David Bowie wore one of the designer’s man dresses on the cover of The Man Who Sold the World, released in 1970.


Original vintage 1960s Mr Fish zip-neck kaftan

But these are just a few diamonds in the glittering list of names that sported kipper ties or billowing sleeves on Georgian style blouses for men during the heady reign of this exceptional designer.


Mr Fish made-to-measure denim suit

On a more serious note, once the glam is removed, Mr Fish was a fine tailor and shirtmaker, and this tradition continues at 34, Montagu Square today. The company is currently celebrating six decades of Bond style in recognising Michael Fish’s work on the wardrobe of Sean Connery for his first role as the secret agent in 1962. In the same house, tailor Anthony Sinclair is offering a suit inspired by Connery in Goldfinger.

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