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Stirling Moss Scrapbook 1956-1960 (Limited Edition)


By Phillip Porter

Stirling Moss is an icon. Even just the words ‘Stirling Moss’ conjure up an immediate picture – an image of speed, excitement, daring, jet-setting and beautiful women. By 1961 he was at the height of his remarkable career. He was unquestionably the finest racing driver in the world, the benchmark by which lesser mortals were judged, and a charismatic sportsman, known the world over.

For full details of this wonderful book, please see the Classic Edition.

Deluxe Edition: stunning, leather-bound edition, limited to 500. Individually numbered & signed by co-author, Philip Porter. Fewer than 30 copies remaining.

Deluxe Signed Edition: signed by the late-Sir Stirling Moss. Small number available.

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