Deakin & Francis

Sterling Silver Skull Cufflinks


As family folklore claims, a 16th century Deakin was a well-recognised sea-farer who heroically saved his fellow naval officers from a ferocious pirate attack. For this reason, the skull has been a design associated with the Deakin family business since their founding in 1786.

Deakin & Francis has been designing and manufacturing the world’s finest, luxury cufflinks and accessories since 1786.

When making a cufflink, consideration is given to the metal type (alloy), colour, shape, weight, movements and most importantly, how our jewellery will sit and be worn.

Deakin & Francis employ tools, traditions and techniques passed down from one generation to the next. Proud of the family tradition of craftsmanship, you can rest assured that every product is given the high attention to detail it deserves.

Deakin & Francis is a guarantee of an original design, carefully executed and beautifully delivered.

Materials: Sterling Silver

Style: Spring link Cufflink

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