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Mk2 Grenade Shaped Solid Silver Drinking Set On Tray, Pushkin Alexander c.2019


Introducing Pushkin Alexander signature Grenade solid silver & glass drinking set, comprising a realistically made grenade shaped decanter, modelled after the American MK2 anti-personnel hand grenade, with a translucent hand crafted glass body and silver top and base, the top with a pull out pin and retracting handle to open the top hinged lid. The twelve shot glasses imitating large hunting cartridges, designed in two sections, a solid silver base and fitted clear glass body. The large tray imitating a very large hunting shell cartridge, set with a wooden base, also imitating a cartridge base.

A perfect set to use by a group of friends before a shoot or at a large social gathering. The bases of the shots can be engraved with numbers 1-12 to be used as shooting butt marker, so that each gunman can randomly pick a glass denoting their shooting position. A truly unique statement pieces that will make for riveting conversation and become a timeless piece of interior, to be used, admired and passed on to future generations.

Hand made by G J Dennis Ltd (Greg & John Dennis, Maddox street, Mayfair ), using only the finest materials and exclusively for Pushkin Alexander signature range. This renowned Silversmith & Goldsmiths company has made and restored important pieces for the Prince of Bahrain, Royal households and countless celebrities. Each part is fully Hallmarked English silver (925 standard), London, year 2019 (u), Maker PA (Pushkin Alexander, Pushkin Antiques Ltd of Mayfair, London)


Height: 29cm
Width: 15 X 13cm
Weight: 2570g


Height: 10.5cm
Width: 4cm
Weight: 145g


Height: 3cm
Width: 30.5cm
Weight: 1245g

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