Mason & Sons

Mid Blue Linen & Cotton Jacketing

Price on Application

This blend of linen and cotton yarn in different shades has been woven into a medium weight hopsack, creating a fabric with a rugged appearance and open texture. It is a versatile material that can be worn equally well over jeans or tailored linen trousers.

Available Adjustments

Fabric: 8.0oz (280gm), Linen, Silk & Cotton Blend, Woven in Italy

Half Canvas

Incorporates a fusible interlining that is attached to the foreparts of the jacket using a heated press. A natural “floating” canvas is then sewn through the chest and lapels in the traditional manner, offering a soft, flexible drape. 

Advantages: Cost effective speedy production, remains crisp and clean for a long-lasting flawless finish.

Full Canvas

The most popular upgrade request for Special Order suits. This skilled and time-consuming process incorporates layers of natural canvas used throughout the fronts of the jacket to provide support and shape.

Advantages: Extremely comfortable to wear and continues to improve with age as the natural materials adapt to the shape of the body over time.


Full-canvas garments that are cut and made by hand. Your exact size, shape, balance and posture requirements are assessed and the pattern is adjusted accordingly before the cloth is cut. 

Advantages: Further enhanced fit, around the critical areas of collar, shoulder and sleeves, with hand-sewn buttonholes and edges marking true craftsmanship.

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