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Dragon Table Lighter c.1910


A stunning military mess table lighter in the form of a Dragon by London Silversmiths Walker & Hall. Its main body formed of a Blackbuck Antelope horn with a superb cast of a chrome-plated dragon breathing fire with the wick in its mouth for the flame and foot placed on a flaming grenade. Stamped WH on its left wing.

The dragon of Wantley is a legend of a dragon-slaying knight in Whancliffe Crags in South Yorkshire. The story is told in Thomas Percy's 1767 'Reliques of Ancient English Poetry'.

Instructions on how to use the table lighter:

Light the wick which hangs from the mouth with a lighter or match. The wick if dry will need lighter fuel which can be purchased from any Tobacconist, currently this is fuelled. The wick will need some fuel dripped on it and this can also be applied to its interior by removing the head but you must make sure the damper is removed from the mouth, this is also what you will need to do if the wick ever runs out. Unscrewing the head carefully you will see the rest of the wick which can be charged with fuel. The wick has recently been replaced and should last a long time if it gets to short just pull it out a little 2-3mm from the mouth if it's pulled too far out the flame will be too big.

If the wick ever runs out and you would rather us do this for you in case of any problems we would be more than happy, and we would also clean and service this for you.

Height   15 cm (6")
Width     8 cm (3 1/4")
Depth     52 cm (20 1/2")


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