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2003 Mercedes-Benz G400 Cabriolet

£79,950 | Location: United Kingdom

Finished in the most iconic of colour combinations of Brilliant Silver metallic with Black ruffled hide and black soft top. Benefiting with every factory period option including COMMAND navigation, fully electric heated seats, dual zone climate control, side steps and bi-xenon headlights to just name a few. Having been part of a private collection here in the united kingdom this particular example is, without doubt, the ‘king of the road’, having been maintained regardless of any expense spared throughout it’s life the car is on the button.

The Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen (transliterated: “cross-country vehicle”) was first dreamed up in the early 1970s. The intent was to create a rugged, capable, user-friendly, and readily transportable all-wheel-drive vehicle that would be as comfortable on the battlefield as it was shuttling skiers up to their alpine lodges (or farmers into the back forty acres of their Riesling vineyards). Somehow, through a combination of savvy marketing, outrageous pricing, limited production, and butch, rectilinear good looks, the G-Wagen became a status symbol—the vehicle of choice for urbane celebrities, socialite mums, and weekend surfers. It’s showed up in rap lyrics and spawned bonkers variations, one of which caught Drake’s eye. Say “G-Wagen,” and even your license-less friend with a state I.D. gets a little excited.

And while other vehicles have followed a similar offroad-to-riches evolution (like the Land Rover Defender), the G-Wagen stands out for remaining essentially unchanged for nearly forty years.

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