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1993 Porsche 964 3.6 Turbo

194,995 | Location: United Kingdom

Model History:

The Porsche 964 is the company’s internal name for the Porsche 911 manufactured and sold between 1989 and 1994. Designed by Benjamin Dimson in 1986, it featured significant styling revisions over previous 911 models, most prominently the more integrated bumpers.

Porsche introduced the 964 Turbo model in March, 1990 as the successor to the 930. Unfortunately, they hadn’t had the necessary time to develop a turbocharged version of the 3.6 litre M64 engine, and chose to re-use the 3.3 litre engine from the 930, with several minor revisions that made the engine smoother, less prone to turbo lag and more powerful, with a total output of 320 hp @ 5750 rpm. A total of 3,660 of the 964 Turbos were built.

Porsche released the 964 Turbo 3.6 in January, 1993, now featuring a turbocharged version of the 3.6 litre M64 engine and producing 360 hp @ 5500 rpm. The 3.6 litre powered Turbo was produced only for model year 1993/1994, with fewer than 1,500 of them produced in total making it one of the rarest and most sought after Porsche produced since the 959.

A black 1994 3.6 Turbo was made famous when used in the Bad Boys movie, starring Will Smith. For the UK market, 36 cars were imported in 1993 and 38 cars in 1994.


Midnight Blue Metallic, G50 5-Speed Manual Gearbox, 18″ Speedline Split Rims, Drilled Disc Brakes, Red Calipers, Classic Grey Leather, Electric Sunroof, Electric Adjustable Leather Sports Seats, Heated Front Seats, Electric Windows, Air Conditioning, Alpine Head unit, Electric Mirrors, Front Airbags, On-board Computer, Dash Clock, Top Tint Windscreen, Power Steering, Rear Wiper, Headlamp Washer.


With its wide hips and whale tail spoiler of the 964 Turbo is a timeless and important piece of automotive artwork; marking a significant evolution of the Porsche brand the 964 captures their classic design, whilst incorporating the next generation of technology that paved the way for the future of the 911 at the time.

Finished in Midnight Blue it is one of the more popular Porsche colours which presents with a deep shine and metallic flake that glistens under our studio lights. Having covered just 72k miles from new this 911 presents very well; the paintwork shows with no discernible blemishes whilst the rubbers and trim all sit in excellent order.


The interior of the 964 is simple but effective, with classic grey leather and matching carpets it adds to the smart and elegant colour scheme alongside the deep blue coachwork. The heated leather sports seats offer plenty of support and show with only light signs of wear, especially considering the cars age. Grey leather further stretches to the door cards and rear seats adding to the exclusivity and luxury of the model at the time.

A standard airbag steering wheel sits in front of the familiar instrument cluster. The rear bench appears untouched whilst the carpet set retains a deep pile texture and feel.

Engine & Transmission:

The 3.6 shares the same KKK turbocharger, including the whale-tail-mounted intercooler, as the 3.3 but re-calibration increases maximum boost to 13.1 psi. An extra 300cc of exhaust gas blowing on the same impeller spools it up at lower revs, making full boost available at 3500 rpm. With resulting torque now spread evenly over the rev range the car is much more tractable; given the power is more accessible the car now feels quicker and more exploitable.

No expense has been spared in the maintenance of this engine; with 18 stamps in the original service book, the most recent of which was an engine out service in December 2020 at a cost of over £6,000.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes:

Speedline and Porsche, a beautiful relationship that began with the 17 inch CUP wheel available on the 964 RS. The wheel manufacturer went a step further with the 3.6 and then the 993 RS – split rims with a polished lip. This 18″ set are in superb condition with no signs of lacquer degradation and the etched Speedline still clearly visible on each rim. Tyres are a matching set of premium Pirelli P Zero Rossos.

Red Callipers show through the spokes in good order, free from any fading or peel, whilst the discs and pads sit with no excessive signs of lipping of wear.

History File:

Originally supplied by Porsche Nottingham on 01/08/1993 this C16 964 Turbo is 1 of just 33 UK RHD cars to be supplied that year. The service history file is truly comprehensive; there are 18 stamps in the original service book with a plethora of supporting invoices. Most recently the car was subject to an engine out service, on 22/12/2020 at 74,203 miles, with the invoice outlining works totalling over £6,000.

The original leather Porsche wallet, complete with the original book pack is also included with the car as well as 2 keys.

An exceptionally well documented and maintained example of one of Porsche’s most iconic cars.

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