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1991 Ferrari Testarossa

£159,995 | Location: United Kingdom

Lighter, more powerful and more aerodynamic than the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer from which it was developed, the Testarossa featured four-valve heads, improved fuel injection and electronic ignition.

Pininfarina’s dramatic styling emphasised the car’s 6ft 6in (1.98m) width, which resulted from placing radiators either side of the already seriously wide engine, to reduce cockpit heat resulting from piping to front radiators on the BB.

The Testarossa is an effortless continent-muncher, and surprisingly relaxing to drive thanks to its enormous torque and competent electronic engine control.

You cant stop praising the flat-12 unit in its 1985 test: ‘For its reserves of turbine-smooth power between 1000 and 7000 revs, there is no other engine made that can match it.’ It sounds brilliant, too.

Fuel consumption is 15mpg  in normal use. Ferrari had just launched the full-fat 288GTO – but the Testarossa wasn’t meant to be a homologation special road-racer. It was a highly competent grand tourer with aircon as standard, and its handling and steering were geared a little more that way than press-on drivers might choose – although that hasn’t stopped some from going racing over the years.

A decent front boot and a well behind the seats swallows a fair amount of luggage, and the factory seven-piece leather set (a £1591 extra) remains a highly desirable bonus today.

The high single mirror on early cars (now referred to as monospecchio examples) gave a great rear view but could hide oncoming traffic, and was soon replaced by two more conventional, lower-mounted mirrors.

The Testarossa was a volume-production Ferrari, with 7177 of the original model built, plus 2280 of the subsequent 512TR and 501 of the F512M. The 512TR responded far better when driven hard, and the F512M was finer still.

UK right-hookers are significantly rarer than left-hand drive, with production of 438 Testarossas, 88 512TRs (38 of them with ABS) and 41 F512Ms.

The vehicle in question.

1991 Ferrari Testarossa

Finished in Rosso Corsa and creme leather interior with red carpets.

This amazing vehicle has covered just 3619 miles from new with only 3 former keepers.

Amazing condition inside and out which is an absolute credit to the previous keeper that has owned this Ferrari for nearly 22 years.


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