1971 Jensen Interceptor SP

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Location: United Kingdom

Here is a highly desirable, and ultra rare Jenson SP. The SP (Six Pack) has the distinction of being the most powerful car ever to have been made by Jensen Motors. Indeed, at the time of its release in August 1971, the SP was one of the most powerful road cars anywhere in the world. Our car is extremely special as she has been stamped by the factory on the block as SP12, of which only 15 had this stamp and our car was the 7th car produced, so one of the VERY first.

Our cars specification is extremely lovely with tan interior, and a lovely Reef Blue body, her original specification. The Six Pack is fully restored and with the car but has been replaced with standard carburation.

The six pack allowed in normal driving for 1 carbs with 4 chokes but when the throttle peddle was applied 6 engaged and gave a woof more of power.

Our car was originally supplied in 1971 to a Director of an Investment company, who ran the car and enjoyed her regularly as letters suggest in the file between supplier, manufacturer and first owner. Mr. J. Wild put somewhere near 20,000 miles on her in 3 years and handed ownership over to Mr. B. P Gamble of Surrey. A far less diligent man didn't keep the history and the car made its way to Denmark at some point after

The most recent owner then found the car through specialists Stelvio Automobilis, and bought her back to the UK in 2017, and has enjoyed her until we took her over to London a few months ago.