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1964 Aston Martin DB5

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We are thrilled to offer a beautiful 1964 Aston Martin DB5 in RHD, presented in its original colours of Fiesta Red and Black trim. Having only covered 89,164 miles and with an extensive restoration this car is in fantastic condition. 

Produced from September 1963 until September 1965 902 Saloon cars and 123 Convertibles were built. The Vantage engine was fitted to 66 cars. Four chassis numbers were issued but not used, so actually only 1021 (not 1025) cars were built. Only 42 Saloons were finished in cellulose Fiesta Red and this one still is. Between September 1985 and September 1988 the car undergone an extensive bare shell restoration which was carried out by David Royle Ltd at Staindrop including body and chassis work, new door interior panels (with new leather) and new roof lining. Brakes and suspension were overhauled. The car was transferred to Post Vintage Engineers at Poole (engine and mechanical specialists) for the rebuilt engine and overhauled gearbox and power line to be fitted.

The restoration is fully documented and also includes:

- The engine has been rebuilt to lead free specification and 4.2 litres capacity with a new block (irreparable crack in the old one) and retains engine number 400/1835.

- A P.D. Gough stainless steel exhaust system is fitted (not the manifold).

- A G.T. Engineering EPAC2 electronic steering system is fitted together with a smaller (15”) steering wheel. This was an OE Moto-Lita option available for all cars. The column now has a collapsible section. The old column and steering wheel are available for a new owner. New rack and pinion gears are fitted in the rack case.

- An electronic ignition system is installed with a hidden isolation switch. This also provides a security function.

- An electric thermostat-controlled cooling fan is fitted in front of the radiator supplementing the belt driven fan.

- The rear axle is fitted with a DB7 LSD. This requires Shell Thermally Stable 90 SAE differential oil. Two (1 litre) bottles are available for the new owner. The Armstrong adjustable rear shock absorbers have been replaced with upgraded non-adjustable units, but all the original wiring has been retained in place. The old ones are available if the new owner wants them. Front shock absorbers are adjustable Koni units.

- Aeon spring assisters are fitted in the rear springs – useful when touring with a full boot.

- Glass headlamp covers have replaced the Perspex originals.

- A polarity reversal panel is fitted out of sight so that Sat-Navs. and mobile phone chargers can be plugged in.

- Emergency flashers have been fitted.

- A fire extinguisher has been installed, attached to the driver’s seat frame.

- The speedometer face has been updated with KPH in addition to MPH engraving.

- Additional insulation has been fitted on all the bulkhead panels and gearbox cover resulting in a much quieter and cooler cab.

- Resprayed in 2008 by D Royle Ltd.

- A new windscreen motor has been fitted recently.

- A new petrol pump has been fitted recently.

- Four new Avon CR28 tyres were fitted at 87,515 miles (current reading is 89,164 miles).

- An original hydraulic jack (supplied by Aston Martin) comes with the car.

Routine services and minor repairs have been carried out by the owner with major work carried out by Aston Martin specialist garages. Records of all parts purchased and work done have been kept and filed and are available for the new owner to keep them up to date for future owners.

Two large files are available, one covering the full details of the Royle restoration and the second the history before and after the restoration and is up to date. Numerous spare parts are available.


It has lived in a stone built, dry, carpeted, heated and dehumidified garage and has a soft fitted cover. It is now showcased in our state-of-the-art facilities at Aston Workshop. 

Usage of the car

For a couple of years after the restoration it was hardly used; the value of the DB5 rose dramatically prompting the owner to keep it securely stored. Then values dropped and it was used on many AMOC and other organiser’s Tours in the UK and Ireland and then all over Europe, from Sweden and Norway down to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and all countries in between. Some of these tours included track days so it has been well exercised on these occasions. It has been displayed on numerous events including two Royal events, the opening of the Aston Martin Newcastle Showroom ‘Timeline of Cars’ and has won some prizes.

Notable events were:

2003 The AMOC President’s Wykeham Fair

2005 Saint Georges Day Parade before HM The Queen at Windsor Castle.

2007 1st in Class ‘Pride of Ownership’ Award at Chatsworth AMOC Concours. 

2016 Aston Martin Newcastle Dealership opening “Timeline of Astons” display.

2016 Windsor Castle Concours of Elegance.

Currently it is probably the best it has ever been with the above improvements making it a superb quiet and comfortable Aston Martin car ready for continental touring. 

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