1963 Mercedes-Benz 220SEB Cabriolet

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Location: United Kingdom

We really love these elegant coach built Cabriolets, produced at the Sindelfingen factory reserved for the creme of the Mercedes-Benz crop they really do feel as though they've been forged from one solid billet

The 220SEB Cabriolet premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961 in celebration of 75 years of Mercedes-Benz, sales immediately shot through the roof and before long there was a year long waiting list

Their superb build quality and design offered "no wind noise" in the cabin as occupants could expect to feel as though they were in a hard top coupe until they put the top down

This car especially feels a splendid example, the lucky beneficiary of a painstaking nut and bolt restoration that was finished shortly before the most recent owner acquired her in 2013

Within the file are substantial bills as well as nearly 1000 pictures showing the car at all the various stages of the restoration, on top of some lovely early history in her original service booklet and all of the maintenance carried out by the most recent keeper

Since the restoration she has lived in a collection of similarly special cars and been looked after perfectly as one might expect

When inspecting the car one could easily assume the restoration was just completed such was the quality of the work at the time and so well has she been looked after since

UK supplied RHD examples of these are exceedingly rare, depending on your source only 192 RHD 220SEB Cabriolets were ever produced, making this one of the rarest Mercedes-Benz cars possible to own!

Finished in the classic colour combination of silver over tan this example is an utter joy to use, everything operates seamlessly; the hood can easily be operated by one person, the poppers on the hood bag all line up perfectly to the body, the windows & door shuts are all vacuum tight, the heater is toasty warm, the column selector accurate and correct etc etc

She drives like a dream too with the total absence of any creaks or squeaks as you float along on a magic carpet ride of soft leather and German steel. Just pure unadulterated peaceful motoring, very nice