1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 327/300Hp Convertible

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Location: United Kingdom

According to the National Corvette Restorers Society certificate held on file, this superb Corvette Stingray was built at the St Louis, Missouri, General Motors Assembly Plant on January 3rd 1963

Supplied with all of its original delivery documentation, the document entitled ‘Car Shipper (Dealer Copy)’ outlines its original build specification:

  • 0867 Corvette Convert
  • 2490D Red Trim
  • 2900A Solid Black
  • 2M20A 4 Spd Transmission
  • 2L75A 300HP Corvette V8
  • 2G81C Positract Axle 336R
  • 2P92A 670×15 4 Ply WSW
  • 2U65B Signal Seek Radio
  • 2C07D Auxilllary Hard Top
  • 2STDTP STD Black Top Corv

The original bill of sale was issued by supplying dealer Jackson Bros of Murfreesboro, Tennessee on January 7th 1963, sold new to Captain Teddy J.Lind of Shelley Street, Murfreesboro by salesman ‘J.B.J.Jr’

The total price was USD 4,459.90 which included USD 691.20 of optional extras, as outlined above and documented on the bill of sale. Accompanying the bill of sale is the ‘Conditional Sales Contract’ issued on 8th January which outlines the payment plan of thirty-five monthly instalments of USD 107 with a final payment of USD 86.50, signed by Captain Lind and a representative of Jackson Bros

Further original documentation includes the ‘Car Owners Companion’ wallet printed by Jackson Bros that includes the original owners guide, 1963 Corvette owner protection plan warranty booklet, Wonder Bar Radio operating instruction sheet and ‘1963 new vehicle conditioning inspection and adjustment report’ sheet

Captain Teddy.J.Lind is listed on the wall of honour on the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and was awarded the highly distinguished Flying Cross for his services to his country during the Vietnam war

Captain Teddy J. Lind distinguished himself by extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as navigator of a C-130 aircraft at Nhon Co, Republic of Vietnam, on 13 May 1966. On that date, Captain Lind flew five extremely hazardous missions into a primitive jungle airstrip through adverse weather conditions to provide the emergency resupply of United States Army personnel then in battle with hostile forces.

Captain Lind, with utter disregard for his personal safety, and displaying consummate airmanship, calmly navigated at extremely low altitudes through mountainous terrain, while constantly exposed to hostile fire. Captain Lind’s precise navigation to the isolated airfield was critical to the successful delivery of the vitally needed ammunition and supplies. The professional competence, aerial skill and devotion to duty displayed by Captain Lind reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force

Within the comprehensive documentation are a number of insurance identification cards with Capt.Lind cited as the owner, the last card issued on 16th July 1998 which confirms his ownership of at least thirty five years!

The subject of a full restoration between 2000-2001, numerous parts invoices remain on file from Corvette Central of Sawyer, MI, addressed to Mr Paul Weimer of Marietta, GA, who we understand acquired the car from Capt.Lind

Acquired by the current owner, a private UK collector on 13th May 2013 from respected dealer and restoration specialist ‘Legendary Motorcar Company Ltd’ of Ontario, Canada, the Corvette was imported into the UK and issued with an age-related UK registration

Offered today in exceptional condition throughout and fresh to market, rarely do cars of this period retain all of their delivery documentation and even fewer can boast of such long term and interesting original ownership. This is a special car and not to be confused with the average Corvette

Photo Credit: Tim Scott

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