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1938 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Windovers Limousine

£115,000 | Location: United Kingdom

A pleasingly proportioned Rolls Royce Phantom III with coachwork by Windovers. The coachwork is rakish & quite streamlined when compared with some of the more ponderous coachwork found on these Phantoms. This is a low mileage example that has a very tight, taut feel to the chassis, controls & suspension. There is very little wear to the pedals & overall the car feels to have not a huge amount of use giving credence to the indicated mileage of 42,922 miles on the odometer.

The engine runs in complete silence & exhibits very good oil pressure between 30 & 40 PSI. More importantly the engine runs cool with the water temperature remaining at a constant 60 degrees occasionally nearing 70 on steep uphill sections. The engine has bust been tuned by marque specialist Matt Pickles of Macclesfield who is the go-to guru for these V12 engined Rolls Royces. In addition to the tune up the car has also had a full service performed upon it.

You really have to drive one of these with the mechanicals in excellent order to appreciate just how good they are. The car wafts down the road in silence with a feeling of occasion & ample performance instantly available when required, delivered in complete silence. It really is a special experience to drive such a car, (or be driven in it).

To the front seats is traditional thick black leather with no signs of wear. The rear seats are upholstered in West of England cloth extending to the door cards & also to the twin occasional seats, again all in lovely condition. A thick lambswool rug cossets one underfoot. All the woodwork is in lovely condition with a flat low lustre finish as when it left Windovers. The drinks cabinet door extends upwards to form a picnic table when open.

This car has been thoroughly inspected & is in way way above average mechanical condition. The paint & interior are in fine condition with a very light patina of age rather than a freshly restored feel to it. I strongly recommend prospective buyers to come & see & drive the car as only then will you appreciate the quality of this vehicle.

The car has in recent years resided in the sunny climes of Italy where it has been very sparingly used covering just a few hundred miles each year, whilst being maintained in the UK.  

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