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1936 Rolls-Royce 25/30 Hooper Brougham Sedanca

£75,000 | Location: United Kingdom

Just back with us after a decade long sojourn in the sunny climes of Jersey.  This car is identical to that of Chassis number GMP62 found in Daltons authoritative work on Rolls Royce Coach Work. The razor edge Brougham  styling to the rear gives the car a very very period look more in place in the teens & 1920's than the late 1930's.

The car has in the last 10 years covered very limited mileage on high days & holidays due to the limited confines of the island of Jersey where it has resided. Prior to this the car resided without turning a wheel for two decades in the Rolls Royce heritage museum in Derby from where we recommissioned it when we previously handled the car. Before that it was based in the Transvaal in South Africa where the dry climes preserved it beautifully; a window sticker attesting to its South African adventures is still in place.

During commissioning the one shot system was rebuilt, brakes attended to, engine fully serviced, sludge traps cleaned out, gear box oil replenished, steering attended to, timing set to factory spec etc etc etc. A new clutch was also fitted. The electric division works operated from a toggle switch in the back. The semaphore indicators also work augmented by some discreet modern flashers.

The car is painted in a fetching shade of yellow over black with the paint being older but in very good order. The front of the car is new black leather in typical hooper style replicating the original. To the rear is original West of England cloth in super condition extending to the occasional seats that fold out of the bulkhead containing the division. Passenger foot rests also fold out of the bulkhead. The woodwork to front & rear is again a signature of Hooper being of quarter sawn & matched dark Macassar ebony in wonderful order.

With razor edge Brougham styling to the rear of the car the chauffeurs quarters are covered by a sedanca roof to keep the driver dry on wet days.  Ace wheel discs are fitted all round including the running board mounted spare. Twin trumpet horns adorn the front of the car. The ride control is the best working example of which I have come across giving an instant & noticeable adjustment to the cars gait when moved from hard to soft or vice versa.

The quality of this Hooper body number 8691 has to be seen to be appreciated. The sedanca mechanism is ingenious & easy to you stowing away neatly in a recess in the roof when open. The car runs in silence & drives in a manner one only finds from a car that has never been disassembled & restored. The engine is silent & the ride supple & undulating with not a hint of rattle or scuttle shake even on very bumpy roads. It is a way above average car in way above average condition.

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