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1935 Derby Bentley 4¼ Litre Top Hat Saloon by Freestone & Webb

£100,000 | Location: United Kingdom

B 185 EJ was first shipped to America in 1977, she was sold by Frank Dale and Stepsons after recently being rebuilt. The current owner has know this car since 1986 and finally had the opportunity to purchase in 2004.

A 4 year restoration was commissioned and at this time the decision to upgrade the car for long distance touring was made. The 3 ½ engine and gearbox were uprated to a 4 ¼ unit, uprated 3.25 back axle gearing, and even the addition of an air conditioning system, along with a modern alternator.

The engine is fitted with new high compression pistons, a deturbulated head, new valves, new springs & mark VI con rods etc.  As a result the engine is putting out far in excess of the originals horsepower allowing for very fast long distance runs at & above modern traffic speeds all conducted in a relaxed manner.

An aluminiulm high capacity radiator has also been fitted keeping the car cool on its recent run across the Utah deserts in the height of summer.  Air conditioning by "Vintage Air" keeps the cabin pleasantly cool even in sweltering temperatures.

The car is beautifully finished in a dark metallic maroon with the roof being done in a secondary darker colour. To the interior are dark brown hides throughout in lovely patinated condition. The interior woodwork has been removed & refinished.  New carpets are fitted throughout. There is an almost complete set of small tools in a recess in the boot lid.

You really need to see & drive this car to appreicate how well it goes & how much money has been poured into it. 

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