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1932 Alvis Speed 20 SA VdP Tourer

£89,990 | Location: United Kingdom

Fisher Performance Cars we are delighted to offer this stunning British iconic motor car for sale,

The Alvis Speed 20 is a British touring car that was made between 1931 and 1936. It went through four variants coded SA to SB.

The engine for the Speed 20 was a heavily modified version of the one used in the preceding Silver Eagle cars, producing 87 bhp (65 kW). Triple HV4 type SU carburettors were fitted. As before the engine and clutch unit sat on flexible conical rubber mountings in a system used by Alvis from 1925.

The chassis was new and lowered by making it a “double drop” type where the side rails go over the front and rear axles. A centralised lubrication system was fitted allowing oil to be provided to moving suspension parts through a maze of pipework. Both front and rear suspension used half-elliptic leaf springs and the self-servo brakes, with 14 in (356 mm) drums, were mechanically operated. The four-speed manual gearbox was mounted in-unit with the engine.

This car was originally sold as a Vanden Plas drophead coupe by Messrs Charles Follett to Mrs Jacqueline Whigham, the daughter of Baron Henri de Salgnac Fenlon. Unfortunately, it spent 18 years rusting in a field before being acquired by David Nowill in 1986. The restoration commenced and the change was made from drophead to tourer.

The current owner, Tony Cropper, then acquired the partially restored car and restoration was restarted by Gavin Lumsden and Roger Gooding. The restoration was completed on the 24th August 1999. The car has subsequently been well maintained extensively used:

2008               May               Denmark. Alvis featured at the Copenhagen Car Show.
2010               Sept.             Spain. Cevera de Pisuerga, Picos.
2012               June              Scandinavia. Tour of Denmark, Sweden and Norway
2014               Sept.             Spain. Leon, Picos
2015               May               Spain.    Pamplona and Pyrenees
2016               June              Scotland. Aberdeen, Shetland Car Show, Orkney, Aberfeldy
2017               May.              Brittany. La Roche Bernard, Locranan, Roscoff
2018               June              Italy. France, Geneva, Lake Orta
2019               May               Spain, Pamplona, Pyrenees, Carcassone, Loubressac, Amboise.

Upon receiving the commission to broker this vehicle we carried out a full health check. The following items were flagged up and have subsequently been dealt with:
1) Adjusting the brakes. 2) Adjusting the clutch 3) Replace a leaking hose near the Water Pump.
4) Attaching the loose Exhaust system 5) Fitting new Door fittings to stop the doors flying open
6) To remove and test the Magneto (still needs attention) 7) Grease the Springs.

The vehicle is presented in an excellent drive away condition.

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