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1931 Austin Seven 2 Seater Sports / Trials Car

£23,500 | Location: United Kingdom

This charming Austin Seven comes to us in just-restored and built up condition, with a fresh coat of paint. The 2 seater sports body is beautifully proportioned and lures you in from every angle. The bonnet has tapered louvers running down both sides allowing any unwanted heat to escape the engine bay. There are no doors but instead a flowing and curved cockpit allowing for easy access. The spare wheel is mounted at the rear of the car, which works well with the shaped coachwork. The seats and interior are nicely trimmed which works well with the quality of paintwork.

The intention of this car was to be used for trials and this is exactly what it is set up and ready do. Under the bonnet is a hot little engine producing circa 40bhp, there is an upgraded coil and fuel pump and carburettor; this Austin certainly does go well. It starts instantly every time & pulls very strongly in a manner one might not guess from its diminutive size. 

Of course, speed is not the only important item, so the brakes have been upgraded to a hydraulic system giving excellent stopping power and the suspension has been thoroughly sorted, with fresh links, a strong front axle and overall greasing, meaning she bounces and leans in all the right places and ways. Four new tyres are fitted to the wire wheels plus a new tyre on the spare.

This is a fresh out of the box car ready for immediate trials use or alternatively as a sharp and sporting back road tool. Plenty of bills and build sheets come with the car, attesting to the level of detail put into it. Tremendous fun for the money!!!

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