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1930 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Barrel Sided Tourer

£74,000 | Location: United Kingdom

Just restored & rebuilt with a brand new Barker style barrel sided tourer body exhibiting perfectly proportioned lines. This car was purchased by the late owner who devoted many years to its restoration & reconstruction. The car was stripped to its bare chassis & all parts either renovated or replaced as required. Once the mechanics were done, the current elegant barrel sided tourer body was constructed using an english wheel to a very high standard.

Resplendent in cream over putty coloured wings, the paintwork is as new.  To the interior is brand new deep red Hide throughout with all woodwork being from light-coloured beech wood. Red carpets are installed under foot. A full length black mohair hood easily erects & there are also a full set of side screens fitted for use during inclement weather. A rear luggage rack is fitted, as is a running board mounted spare wheel.

On the road the car drives very well. The engine is very quiet & powerful. The car runs cool at 50 or so degrees, as the radiator has been recored in the correct honey comb style pattern. The king pins & suspension has also been fully overhauled resulting in a supple ride & taut play free direct steering.  

To the rear is a large drinks cabinet which folds open to also serve as a picnic table. When shut, it displays a covering of hand-tooled leather. Each door has fold-open storage lockers for hip flasks or other touring requisites.

Overall the car is in freshly built brand new condition & is a credit to its late engineer owner.

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