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1926 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Tourer by Conceivers

£135,000 | Location: Switzerland

In simply beautiful running condition with a silent engine; this car has resided in a prominent Swiss collection near Geneva that we have been retained to sell. Each car in the collection has been looked after by a Rolls Royce speciailist without regard to cost.

The coachwork takes the form of an earlier rebody as an open tourer by the firm of Conceivers. The car features a rakish V screen along with comfortable seating for 5 people. Interior leather is dark brown & of high quality with just the right amount of patination as one might find in one's favourite arm chair. The rear has a fold out occaisonal table of large proportions along with twin drinks cabinets either side.  Brown carpets are underfoot.

The car is painted in chocolate brown with beige wheel discs. A large metal motoring trunk is affixed to the rear. Beautiful Marechal headlamps are mounted to the front.  This Rolls Royce Phantom 1 spent many many years in South Africa where the climate was kind to it, accounting for its excellent state of preservation underneath. A colonial model; the car is equipped with the louvred colonial style bonnet. A full set of period instruments are in their requisite places in the dash board with the speedometer in Kilometres. A Tapley Gradient meter is also fitted along with an altimeter.

On the road this car is a pleasure to drive. The engine is strong & silent. On the day of photography, we drove many miles up a steep Swiss pass, mostly in top gear with the engine never getting hot, whilst exhibiting high oil pressure at around 28 lbs PSI.

The car is loacated near Geneva where it may be viewed by prior appointment.

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