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1921 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Pickwick Limousine

£155,000 | Location: United Kingdom

This 1921 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost is a very early Springfield built, Willoughby Bodied Pickwick Town car. 

The chassis number is 95BG and the car shows 25,700 miles on the clock which is believed to be genuine having spent over 45 years in a museum in the USA and then being used very sparingly once in the UK. The oldest UK MOT shows 20,000 miles in 1989 and the car has only covered about 5,000 miles since then. 

The car is very original and runs and drives very well with a tight taut feel to the ride & controls. This is a rare early Springfield example with original artillery wooden wheels (one of only two) as ordered by the first owner, a Mr Tom Batchelor of Reno, Nevada. 

The car was purchased after 45 years museum storage by the late Terry Cohn formerly of Churt. He sent the car upon arrival for a thorough recommissioning performed by Coldwell Engineering. The list of things done extends to 10 pages & clearly was a fastidious job leaving no stone unturned. In 1991, £13,000 was spent at Coldwell at a time when the labor rate was £12.00 per hour.

The Artillery Wheels are in excellent order with tight spokes & are rattle free. We have treated the wheels with linseed oil to protect them & allow them to take up the moisture & prevent shrinkage. The wheels are fitted with detatchable rims with a pair of spares mounted to the running boards.

The interior upholstery is all original wool cloth & is in good order given the cars age of almost 100 years. Aside from one or two bare spots on the carpets, it presents very well. A useful cocktail cabinet is fitted to the Bulkhead, as is a wind up division.  The dash board contains the full quotient of period instrumentation as supplied when new.

Looking at the complete absence of wear on the throttle pedal & taking into account the tight feel of the chassis & long lay up period, I have no doubt that the 25k recorded miles are correct. The car really is a time warp & to drive it is to give one an idea of how these cars were when new. Oil pressure is constant at 20 psi & the car runs cool consistently at 150 degrees Fahrenheit when at cruising speeds upon the motorway. It runs comfortably at 50MPH.  We did push it for a brief moment to 65 which is credit indeed given such upright formal coachwork.

The car is being supplied freshly serviced & ready for immediate extended use.

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