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1920 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Henri Binder Victoria Hood

£225,000 | Location: United Kingdom

A magnificent Rolls Royce Silver Ghost coming to us out of 4 decades of ownership where it has been dry stored in a small collection of cars. The last deceased owner purchased it from a man who had disinterred it from a french barn where it had been laid up during the war years with its wheels stored elsewhere to stop it being requisitioned.

The coachwork is a pre first world war body by famed Parisian Coachbuilder Henri Binder fitted to the car pre WW2. The car has a large victoria style hood to the rear.   A further hood connects the windscreen to the front of the Victoria affording   protection to all occupants including those up front. This had shrunk a little so a new one is being fabricated to ensure a correct fit.

When discovered, the car was parked having been mounted on axle blocks many years ago when in fine running order having had an engine rebuild in the years prior to lay up. We discovered it sitting next to a 1973 11,000 mile Jaguar E-type which also was unused & purchased in 1977 with just 10,000 miles on the odometer.

The car has just been fully serviced by marque specialist Stuart Parkes with over 100 hours being put into the servicing. As a result it is running beautifully with a smooth powerful engine easily attaining 60MPH.

The car has wonderful patinated Japanned black  leather  to the seats & hood. Paint is a dark maroon over black & is in very good order. The door handles are of particular note, being wrought in a beautifully ornamented manner.  This slightly unusual body has real presence to it & garners attention wherever it goes. The body is utterly original down to the fabric covered hatches under the front seats, allowing for access to under seat storage. When warm the engine starts readily off the switch by simply putting the ignition on & moving the retard lever downwards.

This is a particularly comfortable car to drive with light direct steering & commodious seating arrangements. The rear has twin occasional fold down seats affording space for up to 7 occupants. Under the bonnet the engine is to show quality with all copper & brasswork highly polished.

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