Performance Fibre

Baby Alpaca

The company's original signature product is the iconic Alpaca Teddy Bear Coat that was designed in the early 1900s. The coats can be viewed in the link here.

Alpaca is an incredible performance fibre and has a wonderful natural colour palette. It forms the core of a collection of Motoluxe made-to-order tailoring.

Baby Alpaca fleece from the cria's first clip is used to make Motoluxe Unstructured blazers and suits that feel as soft as a cardigan, yet look immaculate and perform resiliently.

Performance fibre

Stretch Cotton

The objective in the development of the Motoluxe brand is to offer a range of clothing in which it is possible to look and feel comfortable and relaxed, whilst remaining well-dressed.

The "Popover" shirt is designed to help bridge the gap between formal collar & cuffs and polo & t-shirts. It can be worn untucked over shorts or buttoned-up with a necktie.

For comfort and practicality, the pull on/off style with short placket is made from a collection of stretch-cotton Oxfords and piqués, allowing it to be cut with a slim-tailored body.

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