Vintage & Prestige

1922 Bentley 3/5.3 Litre

£350,000 | Location: United Kingdom

This stunning 3 / 5.3 Litre comes to us freshly rebuilt and in excellent condition. The current owner purchased XM 4277 in 2013; at the time she was wearing a 2 seater sports style body in a rather patinated condition.

The body was removed and the chassis completely stripped for a rebuild. The majority of the work was completed by the renowned NDR racing, including the body purchase, trim work, engine build etc.

The body is beautifully finished in British racing green; there is a Klaxon horn and Shell fuel can fitted to the N/S running board, the O/S holds a James E. Pearce tool box. To the rear there is a 16 gallon fuel tank, spare wheel, twin divers helmet lamps and GB plaque. This clearly was a “no expenses spared” restoration as the level of detail around XM 4277 clearly shows.

On the road XM 4277 can only be described as a true drivers car. The engine power seems limitless and with a flick of the overdrive switch there is even more in reserve! The engine was built by NDR with all the usual Phoenix crank etc etc. The engine fires straight away and has a distinguishable exhaust note.

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