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1903 Wolseley 10HP Rear-Entrance Tonneau

£185,000 | Location: United Kingdom

A long term ownership London to Brighton Veteran, "Clementine" has been in the current families ownership for several decades.

During this time, she has run the London to Brighton route at least 15 times with exceptions being for the years when one of the families other veterans was running.

Being a twin cylinder of 2600cc capacity, the car is powerful & well able to surmount both Telegraph & Clayton Hills with a full quotient of passengers. 

Huge work has gone into the car to make it as reliable as possible. The gear box has been removed, disassembled & assorted new gears made to replace the worn & chipped ones. A new distributor has been fabricated similar in appearance to the old one, but being completely waterproof as this is a known weak point on these Wolseleys. The original unit of course comes with the car. The radiator has also been disassembled with the various loose gills being brazed back in place. A new fuel Tank has also been made in copper to the old pattern exactly conforming to the original unit.

Meticulous & copious photographic records come with the car, detailing the extensive works done to it in the current ownership, which have been completed without regard to expense. The car is VCC Dated as 25th April 1903 Certificate number 2356.

The car is resplendent in blue & black paintwork, with dark blue leather to the interior. The usual plethora of brass fittings adorn the car. A large brass central lamp affixes to the front of the car but was not in situ on the day or photography, as when removed access is easier to the engine bay. Likewise the car has a full windshield for inclement runs - although the current owner prefers to do the run without.

All in all a well sorted multi-cylinder London to Brighton runner with a very good track record of finishes.

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