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1992 Range Rover 4.5 re-engineered by Kingsley

£155,000 | Location: United Kingdom

In many ways one could describe this as the ultimate Range Rover, combining the look of a Rangie from the 1970’s with the ultimate upgrade specification from celebrated marque specialists Kingsley making the car very capable, fast, usable and a real pleasure to drive compared to the original.

The project began with the sourcing of the newest three door model possible, in this case one of the final produced in 1992. These later models were better made and incorporated much improved ancillaries and hence the perfect candidate for the Kingsley transformation. The car was completely stripped and then rebuilt very carefully, by hand, using the vastly improved components developed over many years by Kingsley.

The engine was completely rebuilt to Kingsley’s High Efficiency 4.5 litres spec featuring Kingsley’s own fuel injection system which massively improves every aspect of the engine’s performance whilst giving 25 mpg on a good run. The Kingsley handling, fast ratio power steering and upgraded gearbox packs completed the mechanical transformation. In short, every aspect of the original mechanical specification is improved. Kingsley even manufacture their own wide version of the original rostyle road wheel, these then being fitted with high speed road tyres.

The body shell having been stripped to bare metal was perfected and repainted and then refitted. Full soundproofing was installed along with heated electric memory seats, air conditioning, a custom JL Audio 800 watt sound system and a bespoke diamond stitched full leather cabin with plaid cloth insert features in the dashboard and door cards.

This was originally destined to be the personal car for the owner of Kingsley Cars but a very persuasive customer with a very significant private collection could not walk away from it and hence it joined his fleet. Since completion the car has covered less than 1,000 miles and hence remains in excellent order throughout with a level of finish and detail that the original factory could only dream of producing.

You really have to drive it to appreciate how capable the Range is in all respects. It is quick even by modern standards and other road users are left astonished by the rapid progress that this seemingly old Range Rover is capable of. It’s not surprising that The Daily Telegraph referred to this very car as ‘The Ultimate Classic Range Rover’. It’s hard to disagree once you’ve experienced it.

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