1975 Rolls-Royce Corniche 2 Door Saloon

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Location: United Kingdom

Finished in the wonderful Moorland Green and with original beige interior we have known this beauty for over 15 years now

When we purchased her from the very long term owner, in the early 2000's, and drove home, from just outside of London we were impressed the quality of her drive

Obviously the chap had indulged her during his 20 year tenure, and sitting in the garage next to her was also an 'R' Type Continental, Park Ward 2 door saloon (converted into a DHC), an AC Ace Bristol and a bevvy of other lovelies too

Driving her to Kensington, she was admired by many other road users and pedestrians alike - and this was before we undertook a bare metal re-paint - in the original factory colour

We also fitted new Avon whitewall tyres, all veneers removed, re-polished, and refitted so the cosmetic condition was as good as one could wish for

Mechanically we undertook a major hydraulic service plus the air conditioning was upgraded to the new CFC free gases

We therefore enjoyed her for ourselves and we were actually very sorry to let her go

Fortunately her next owner, who christened her Betty, cherished her too and we have been lucky enough to see her when she has been visiting for service work. Prior to him taking her over, we fitted front seat headrests and rear seat belts too

We maintained her every year at his behest, and she has been maintained to the highest standards

We even sourced a brand new engine from the factory for him - under the 10.000 miles have been covered since this

Her service history is completed, from day one right up until this year

Suddenly a huge change in personal circumstances saw us buying 'Betty' back 5 years ago, at which point nothing was needed before we put her up for sale again, so well had she been cared for

A very elegant chap from New Zealand, previously a Professional tennis player, came to the showrooms and fell in love and bought her on the spot

He has a place in Paris, where she has lived for past 5 years, adding another 15.000 miles to her original mileage, now standing 125.000

He asked us to source some wire wheels, which he had seen in California, We couldn't find any that fitted, but he found a set in Germany, drove immediately and swopped them over with the original steel wheels with stainless covers

She looks rather smart with them, although if any potential buyer wishes to change back to normal we can organise, or indeed fit a set of R-R alloy wheels instead

For ease of reference we have included some pictures of 'Betty' when we sold her with the original wheels fitted

Other than that she is a joy to drive and look at - the paint work has the odd mark, expected from use in Paris, where bumps and knocks are part of the parking procedure. Happily the chrome bumpers have not been affected (phew)

All books, papers and records and included - mileage when we brought her was 82.000 and now, as stated above is 125.000

The 1975 model Corniche is a very rare model, the only model year to have the chrome bumpers, wide wheel arches and the important full sized tachometer, making her one of the most desirable to be had

We are lucky to have such a covetable motor car back with us again