Ecurie Bertelli

1938 Aston Martin Short Chassis 15/98

£250,000 | Location: United Kingdom

Following on from the highly successful 1½ litre cars, Aston-Martin changed to producing 2 litre cars in 1936. The 15/98 model was designed as a collaboration between Aston-Martins long serving designer Claude Hill and R G Sutherland.

The 15/98 is a four cylinder, single overhead camshaft design as per the 1 ½ litre cars but with the flow of the head reversed and with a wet sump. A Moss gearbox was bought in for this car along with very effective Girling rod brakes. The overall design of the chassis and particularly the front suspension gives this car exceptionally good handling and very smooth ride qualities.

The 15/98 is an extremely comfortable and swift car over long distances.

This particular car has had a complete restoration to an extremely high standard and been looked after by Ecurie Bertelli for many years. Ecurie Bertelli have upgraded the car in numerous ways including hydraulic brakes, alternator, ‘Speed Model’ clutch system, electric fan and uprated gearbox. The car has driven only a relatively small mileage since restoration and is in immaculate condition throughout.

This is a perfect car for touring, rallying or concours and a test drive is highly recommended.

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