Ecurie Bertelli

1937 Aston-Martin 2 litre racing car

£250,000 | Location: United Kingdom

Offered for sale is a very well-developed racing car with a significant recent history including multiple Le Mans Classic appearances and strong results record. Built on the remains of a long chassis Aston-Martin 15/98 with gas flowed Speed Model specification engine, hydraulic brakes, uprated suspension, lightweight wheels, racing tyres and an extremely attractive tool room copy of an ‘Ulster’ type Speed Model lightweight body. A tailored spares package including performance exhaust is with the car which when paired with Ecurie Bertelli’s race support will enable this car to be competitive and reliable straight away in 2022

Ecurie Bertelli have been responsible for maintaining the car over many years. Freshly prepared and track tested by us it is 100% ready for 2022 with current FIA HTP papers and even an entry for Le Mans Classic!

Race equipment includes wired in transponder, removable roll hoop and belts, fire extinguisher etc. and a Race Logic VBox system for driver improvement data.

Whilst extremely fast and competent for the track is also very easy to drive on the road and would make a remarkably competent rally car as well or instead.

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