Hello to Hamilton + Hare


We are pleased to introduce one of our Marylebone neighbours, Hamilton + Hare, a company that specialises in everyday essentials for the modern man. It was founded in 2014 by Olivia Francis, who recognised a glut of synthetic men's underwear on the market, and decided to introduce a range of boxer shorts, made from natural fibres, with a transparent, ethical, supply chain.


Olivia Francis proudly promoting her Boxer Shorts

Nine years after their launch, Hamilton + Hare Boxers remain best sellers amongst what has become a comprehensive collection of easy to wear classics, that includes sweatshirts, joggers, travel suits and shirts.


Half Zip Sweatshirt and Trackpant

Hamilton + Hare's product development initially moved to the increasingly popular leisurewear field. The company's collection of sweats were introduced with the same levels of creative flair and environmental care that were imbued in the debut products.


Wool Blend Overshirt and Travel Trouser

The Hamilton + Hare collection has evolved from underwear and leisurewear into relaxed, tailored products that are ideal for travel. If you need to dial down the blazer and chino look, their overshirt and travel trouser fits the bill.


Travel Jacket and Travel Trouser

There are some, like us, who feel naked if not wearing a suit - which can become a problem when faced with a world that is becoming increasingly casual in terms of dress. Hamilton + Hare have presented an elegant solution, with a travel jacket and trouser combination that is a formalwear/workwear hybrid. We will continue to chart their progress with great interest.


Click here to view the Hamilton + Hare collection. 

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