Diversity: A Current View of the Conduit Cut Suit

Whilst single breasted, notch-lapel suits remain popular, customers are requesting the addition of vests, peak lapels and double breasted versions of this timeless silhouette.

Sean Connery in pared-down Conduit Cut suit (1963)

During the colder months of the year there is strong demand for grey flannel - a cloth that is perfectly suited to the soft, natural shoulder, roped sleeve-head and hourglass shape of Conduit Cut tailoring. 

Single-breasted Peak Lapel and Waistcoat

Adding a waistcoat to a single-breasted flannel suit provides another layer of warmth - and style... think Sean Connery in the ending scene of Goldfinger. Although Connery didn't stretch to wearing a peak-lapelled three-piece suit, it is a look that was adopted by Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig in their portrayals of James Bond, having remained popular since the early 20th century.


Cary Grant in three-piece flannel suit (c1930)

The most recent rise in demand has been for double-breasted versions of the Conduit Cut. The market has been dominated by single-breasted suits for decades, and it is refreshing to see the beginning of a resurgence in this elegant style.

Conduit Cut double-breasted suit

Double-breasted suits are considered by many to be the perfect style for autumn and winter, particularly when tailored in the soft, warm hand of flannel fabrics. The extended overlap creates the feeling of being wrapped up and ready to face the cooler weather.

Clark Gable sitting comfortably in grey flannel (c1920)

Mason and Sons offer a comprehensive range of flannels, with the most popular being the medium-weight Super 120's quality woven in Italy by Vitale Barberis Canonico. Our favourite is, of course, the Charcoal Grey - shown in the product photographs above. All of our Conduit Cut flannel suits are Made-to-Order... in whichever style you prefer. 

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