Curry & Paxton: Homage to Bond

We are pleased to announce that not only are the best-selling "Sean" sunglasses from Curry & Paxton back in stock, but a second Bond-inspired model, "Anthony", has been added – just in time to pair with the recently introduced Sandown trilby from Lock & Co. 

Bond fanatics know the background here, but for those who don’t, allow us to bring you up to speed. In 1965, Sean Connery starred in his fourth outing as James Bond in Thunderball. Mostly set alongside the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas with plenty of sand and sharks, the budget was more than the combined budget for the first three, which paid dividends as it was the most commercially successful film of the Connery era. 

Mason Sons Curry Paxton Sean Sunglasses Thunderball James Bond Connery 2

Sean Connery, Claudine Auger and Adolfi Celi playing a very civilised game of baccarat in Thunderball.

The Connery Bond served up many a lesson in style, most notably for his predilection for Anthony Sinclair "Conduit Cut" suits, but in the case of Thunderball, it’s at the more informal end of the spectrum, given his choice of casual shirts and sunglasses.

Mason Sons Curry Paxton Sean Connery Bond Thunderball Sunglasses

While it's the only scene in Thunderball where we see Connery in his sunglasses, it's certainly a memorable one for a few reasons. 

It’s the scene in which Bond appears looking suspiciously well-kept as he comes out from the water where we first see his sunglasses. “It’s a long story, and it involves your friend Largo,” he says as he places them on his nose while perched alongside Domino, played by Claudine Auger. They’re not on for long, for the sitdown comes to a poignant end, you could say, as one of Largo’s henchmen attempts to sneak up on them from the treeline that touches the unspoiled beach before being eliminated by a harpoon gun. “I think he got the point,” Bond remarks – one of the greatest of the great one-liners. They’re soon off into the water, having given Bond’s eyewear a fleeting but memorable amount of screentime. 

Connery with Auger and the sunglasses that were the inspiration for the Curry & Paxton "Sean" model. 

Much like the iconic Curry & Paxton "Yvan" frames, famously worn by Michael Caine in The Italian Job, the Sean model has a rectangular shape that’s touched with a gentle curvature on the corners. The tell-tale sign that it’s a Curry & Paxton frame is on the ear-tips where you’ll find the signature three-dot logo. They’re made from premium acetate sourced from the Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli in an easy-to-wear piano black with subtle tortoiseshell contrast on the inside of the frame and come with 100% UV protection polarized lenses. 

Connery in From Russia With Love – one of only two Bond films in which he wears sunglasses.

The second model we're excited to now share with you is "Anthony", inspired by the sunglasses worn by Connery in From Russia With Love (1963) while performing his due diligence in Istanbul. He wears them with a grey glen plaid Anthony Sinclair "Conduit Cut" suit, blue cocktail cuff shirt, perfectly placed white linen pocket square and a navy grenadine necktie. It's simply faultless and to cap it off, there's even a Lock & Co. "Sandown" trilby – which has recently been added to the Mason & Sons portfolio of brands and products in order to deliver the complete look.

Connery looking incredibly stylish in Istanbul

Anthony mirrors the shape of the previously mentioned Sean model, and also incorporates the duo-layered acetate with piano black front complemented with a tortoiseshell inner layer. The significant difference is the removal of the pinwork from the front of the frames and beside the temple hinges, offering a refined finish and screen-accurate style that is the perfect partner for the Sandown trilby.

So, with summer here, whether you are planning a vacation or staycation, at the beach or in the town, we hope that we can help you look the part.

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