Who Framed Charlie Croker?

We all have our favourite scene in The Italian Job, don’t we? Perhaps it’s the unforgettable getaway in the trio of Mini’s, or maybe it’s Croker disturbing Mr Bridger’s reading time on his throne. 

Michael Caine as Charlie Croker in The Italian Job wearing Curry & Paxton Yvan Sunglasses

One moment that we can’t look past, though, is the scene in the airport in Turin, Italy. It’s this sequence of shots that Croker dons a single-breasted suit that’s rendered in a crease-defying (more likely regularly pressed after every take) beige linen, white with a brown stripe shirt, burgundy paisley pocket square and… Yvan sunglasses from Curry & Paxton. It’s unforgettable and without doubt one of the most famous outfits in cinematic history. 

Michael Caine wearing Yvan Sunglasses by Curry & Paxton With Peter Collinson

Michael Caine wearing Yvan sunglasses with Peter Collinson, who directed The Italian Job. 

We’ve all watched the film so many times now, we practically know it line for line but try to remember that first time. There he (Croker) appears, hopelessly failing to be under the radar but with so much boldness it makes you a little jealous, through a sweaty and hectic airport in a suit that reminds you to bespeak one for yourself. There, rested on the bridge of his nose, is a pair of tortoiseshell frames with elegant curves and three signature dots on the temple with his aquatic blue eyes in certain moments peeking through. 

Michael Caine in Curry & Paxton with Bianca Jagger

Michael Caine with his girlfriend who would later become better known as Bianca Jagger, circa 1960s. 

Michael Caine wore Curry & Paxton Yvan opticals and sunglasses throughout the 1960s (even while he was dating Bianca Pérez-Mora Macías, who later became Bianca Jagger). This was, of course, the decade that defined him and cemented his legendary status. His Curry & Paxton frames were a trusted and loyal companion that helped frame his handsome looks and accentuate his sharp style. 

Curry & Paxton The Italian Job

There are countless photographs of him in and out of character, in moments of elation and downtime, that offer a candid and nostalgic perspective into his life and demeanour. We simply can’t get enough of it. 

Caine's co-star Maggie Blye only has eyes for Charlie

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